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2016-03-29 13:53:24
남주희실용음악학원 조회수 2248





- 성신여자대학교 작곡이론학과 전공

- Berklee Collage of Music(장학생)

- Major(전공) Contemporary Writing and Production

- Minor(부전공) Video Game Scoring


Award 수상내역

Berklee Dean’s list 2012-2014

Berklee North American scholarship 2012-2014

Honorable mentioned in America String Teacher Association String Quartet Competition

(America String Teacher Association 에서 개최한 현악 4 중주 대회에서 Honorable mentioned)

Performance 퍼포먼스

Ensemble and Orchestra (앙상블 및 오케스트라)

- Violin for International Sweethearts of Strings Quartet September 2013 to Present

- 1st and 2nd Violin for Berklee World Strings September 2012 to 2014

- 2nd violin for Conducting Orchestra September 2012 to203

- 2nd Violin for String Quartet Reading Session January 2012 to May 2012